Former Wonder Girls Member Confesses How Little Money She Saved Since Her Debut as an Idol

She corrected the misperception that all idols become wealthy landlords.

On a recent episode of MBC’s Don’t Be Jealous, former Wonder Girls member, Hyelim, and her boyfriend, Shin Min Chul discussed finances while preparing for their wedding.

During a discussion about savings, Shin Min Chul revealed that he had between 200 to 300 million won (~$167,000 to $250,000 USD) to contribute.

And in response, Hyelim honestly confessed how much she had saved up.

For the house I live in now, we each put it half each for the security deposit. I have around 150 million won (~$125,000 USD). If I add the money that’s tied up to the house, I have around 200 million won (~$167,000 USD).

– Hyelim

She then went on to open up about the stereotype people hold about idols and how it’s untrue.

Doesn’t it seem like I saved very little money compared to how long I was active as an idol? People think all idols are landlords, and although I’m an idol too, I hold that prejudice, too.

– Hyelim

She explained,

You might think that a former Wonder Girls member would have quite a few properties, but when the group was successful with ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Nobody’, I wasn’t in the group. I joined when Wonder Girls went through a hard time passing out flyers in America.

– Hyelim

She continued,

I saved a lot for people my age, but I’m not a landlord.

– Hyelim

Hyelim’s agency recently announced that following their 7-year relationship, Hyelim, and Shin Min Chul will be getting married on July 5.

Former Wonder Girls Member Hyelim and Athlete Shin Min Chul Reveal Their Wedding Date

Hyelim might not be as wealthy as people believe, but here’s wishing she and Shin Min Chul enjoy a happy life together as a married couple.

Source: Insight