Former X1’s Cho Seungyoun’s Kindergarten School Records And Childhood Photos Revealed, Proving He Has Been Perfect Since Birth

“He has lots of interest for music lessons.”

Former X1‘s Cho Seungyoun is doing well for himself, having released several singles under WOODZ. Recently, photos from his younger days have been making rounds on social media and online communities. Baby photos and pre-debut selfies? Sure, any idol has those revealed. However, in an interesting twist, fans have managed to get their hands on his Kindergarten school records even, including a review given by his teachers.

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It seems that Cho Seungyoun was a very active child and generally received good reviews from his Kindergarten teachers. He enjoyed music since a young age and is great at socializing, much like how he is now! Perhaps his only “flaw” was being a little messy with his personal belongings.

| Original image by PANN, translated by Koreaboo

The “Kindergarten Life Log” was written in 2002, about 8 years ago. He was only 118cm back then!

| Original image by PANN, translated by Koreaboo

Fans also managed to uncover his childhood photos, proving that he looks the same as he does now! He was just as playful back then.

He looks adorable in a Santa hat!

As many fans know, he spent a portion of his childhood in Guam, which his English skills can be attributed to.

He went ice-skating when he was younger it seems.

Cho Seungyoun attended the prestigious Hanlim Multi-Arts High School, known to be home to many idols and celebrities, such as Jeon Somi, TWICE‘s Tzuyu and Chaeyoung, ITZY‘s Chaeryeong and Ryujin, amongst others. A snapshot of him and his classmates was released.

His ID photo from his schooling days was also put up for fans to see. It’s hard to look this good in ID photos, but he looks absolutely flawless.

Cho Seungyoun is now active as a solo rapper and singer, and works with his own producing team. He is also a part of the M.O.L.A crew, consisting of Jamie (Park Jimin), producer Nathan, SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon, PENTAGON‘s Kino and guitarist Hoho. Check out his latest drop, “Love Me Harder” here.

Source: Pann