Former X1 Member Lee Hangyul Spotted at Nam Dohyun’s Middle School Graduation

The cutest “hyung” and “dongsaeng” you’ll ever see.

Former X1 members, Lee Hangyul and Nam Dohyun were recently spotted together for Nam Dohyun’s middle graduation, where they showed off their neverending friendship.


Nam Dohyun, who attended Daechi Middle School, was captured wearing his school uniform and looking adorable as ever.

But what drew particular attention was his former fellow member, Lee Hangyul’s support.

As a former fellow member, Lee Hangyul made sure to show Nam Dohyun his undying support on his graduation day.

He even gave him a bouquet of flowers which put a bright smile on Nam Dohyun’s face.

Despite the disbandment of X1, both Lee Hangyul and Nam Dohyun have been engaging in many activities such as holding fan meetings and releasing songs.

But seeing the members continuing to support each other is making fans even happier.



Upon graduating from Daechi Middle School, Nam Dohyun plans to enter Hanlim Multi Art School, which many Korean celebrities are known to attend.

Best of luck to both Nam Dohyun and Lee Hangyul in their future endeavors!

Source: Insight