This Fortune Teller Shockingly Predicted Nam Taehyun Would Treat Women Terribly, Five Years Before His Cheating Scandal

The video has resurfaced in light of his controversy

Nam Taehyun is currently embroiled in controversy, after being criticised by his girlfriend Jang Jae In for cheating on her with multiple women.

One of these women had approached her, stating that Taehyun told her that he and Jang Jae In had already broken up.

Infuriated, Jang Jane posted screenshots of these messages on her Instagram and made scathing remarks about Taehyun’s cheating considering the sacrifices she had to make.

This controversy has caught the attention of many domestic and international fans, but quite a few people have seen this coming.

It turns out that a fortune teller also seemed to get a similar vibe from Taehyun.

When Taehyun used to be a member of WINNER, the group went to see a fortune teller who would give them his opinions based on facial readings.

With Taehyun, the fortune teller didn’t cut him any slack with what he felt about his aura.

He’s a man’s man through and through and he’ll treat women terribly

Mino humorously agreed with this statement.

It’s amazing how spot on this all is

The fortune teller elaborated further, explaining that Taehyun will have great luck with finding a kind woman, but that there will be a catch.

So when you do meet a woman, she’ll be a nice one, but you’ll treat her terribly

The fortune teller explained that this was because Taehyun was a free-spirit and didn’t like being directed by other people.

In Mr Nam’s case, he cannot stand someone trying to take control of him or trying to ruin his life.

Taehyun agreed with the fortune teller’s statement, confirming his prediction.

The fortune teller explained that Taehyun’s stubbornness would most likely cause some problems.

And even if you want to do something, if someone makes you do that exact same thing, from then on, you’ll just want to drop it.

If you give him ruled paper, he’ll write the other way


Currently, netizens can’t help but find it shocking that a fortune teller may have predicted Taehyun’s poor treatment of his girlfriend, five years ago.

Taehyun has since taken responsibility and has uploaded a handwritten apology on Instagram regarding the controversy.