Fourth-Gen Female Idol Goes Viral For Defeating Olympic Gold Medalist With Her Strength

Even Kim Jong Kook couldn’t do it!

Olympic gold medalist Yun Sung Bin found an unlikely contender in a fourth-generation girl group member, Billie’s Tsuki.

Tsuki from Billie | @billlie.official/Instagram

Tsuki is best known for her viral fan cam of “GingaMingaYo,” which took over the internet in 2022. Since then, the singer has showcased her multifaceted talent not only on music shows but also through her appearances on different variety programs.

Now, she has her own entertainment show, along with (G)-IDLE’s Yuqi and former LOONA’s Chuu, which is called Star Girl. The space-themed show is all about these three idols learning different things about space, stars, and planets while training to take over the space industry after ruling the K-Pop industry.

(From left to right) Tsuki, Chuu, and Yuqi

A recent episode of the show brought Yun Sung Bin on board as a guest. Yun is a South Korean skeleton racer who won the gold medal in men’s skeleton racing at the 2018 Winter Olympics. The star athlete is also a beloved TV personality, frequently appearing in some of the most popular Korean entertainment shows, including Running Man.

Yun Sung Bin | @top.physical/Instagram

As an Olympian, Yun’s athleticism is next-level. To put his physical strength into perspective, the only celebrity who can come close to Yun in that area is Kim Jong Kook, who is known for his muscle power.

But it turns out Tsuki is a formidable contender for Yun. During his episode of Star Girl, Yun and Tsuki challenged each other to do a wall-sit, which is a very challenging core and quad exercise. To make the match even more difficult, both of them placed a weighted ball on their thighs while doing the workout.

While Tsuki held her pose with a smile on her face, Yun started struggling after a certain point. Soon, his body slipped down the wall as he accepted his defeat.

The clip has gone viral on social media, with even non-fans tuning in. Netizens found it amusing that a professional athlete was outdone by a young female idol and noted that it indicates exactly how hard all of these artists train to chase their dreams!