FT ISLAND’s Lee Hongki Snaps At An Instagram Comment But His Fans Are OK With It

He will say what is on his mind.

FT ISLAND‘s Lee Hongki has long been straight forward with his reactions to both his fans and haters. Especially since the former member Choi Jong Hoon‘s involvement in sex cam and DUI scandals, Lee Hongki responded with quite the frankness and almost savagery when it came to certain questions and comments left on his social media.


So when someone commented about the former member under his recent pictures shared from Hawaii, Lee Hongki didn’t hesitate to snap back. While the comment could sound slightly passive-aggressive and potentially problematic, Lee Hongki and his fans didn’t seem to mind.

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Back to home…i’ll miss you..🤪

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A comment read, “While you and your stylist have fun in Hawaii, Choi Jong Hoon is in jail. Are you okay with that? Can you sleep at night?”


The comment itself seems to have been translated into Korean from another language, most likely Japanese – seeing from the commenter’s account being heavily in Japanese, which meant there might have been subtle differences in the tone and delivery of the message. But that didn’t matter to Lee Hongki. He snapped at the comment, “I eat well, sleep well, and poop well too.”


And from this interaction, Lee Hongki’s fans are finding the star’s response rather appropriate. The fans encouraged Lee Hongki to remain the way he is and also shut down the original commenter.

(To the commenter) Don’t worry about them. You should worry about yourself.

— Lee Hongki’s Fan

I think Hongki’s frankness actually motivates the rest of FT ISLAND members to proceed with confidence. I’m actually in love with the way he responded to this.

— Lee Hongki’s Fan

Hongki, don’t bother making time to react to questions like that.

— Lee Hongki’s Fan


Meanwhile, FT ISLAND will be resuming their promotions – like the upcoming concert in Seoul in June 2019. The band will, as promised to the fans, continue as a four-member group and make endeavors to “connect with [their fans] through music.”