Here’s The Full Story Of How A Former Member Of AKB48 Got Caught Cheating On Her Husband

He had conclusive evidence.

With the recent news of former Japanese idol group AKB48 member Mariko Shinoda’s affair, Japanese media reported that her husband A had obtained evidence supporting the affair and submitted it to court.

Mariko Shinoda and her husband | @marikoshinoda_official/Youtube

Previously, A filed a civil lawsuit against Mariko Shinoda and B, who is known to be her affair partner. According to reports, B is the CEO of a large Japanese travel agency and is a famous businessman who often appears in the media.

Mariko Shinoda’s husband A began to suspect her of infidelity starting last May as she went out late at night and returned home in the morning. When A became suspicious, he checked her cell phone and found not only messages that revealed the two joking around but also proof that she had visited B’s house.

In addition, the records on her menstrual cycle app were the most conclusive evidence as the heart emoticon was used to record when one had sexual intercourse. In fact, this heart emoticon was marked on every day that Mariko Shinoda was presumably meeting B. What stood out the most was that she added another icon to distinguish her affair partner B with her husband A.

Shinoda’s menstrual cycle app showing the blue mark for A and red mark for B | Capture from 주간문춘

A stated, “I was shocked to see this record. It it so that she could avoid unwanted pregnancy or was it so that she could know whose child it was if she was pregnant?” He was reluctant to file a civil suit against Mariko Shinoda for fear of affecting his daughter. He tried to solve the matter with her, but she kept silent.

Mariko Shinoda and her daughter | @shinodamariko3/Instagram

Although A caught Mariko Shinoda trying to go out late at night, it was too late as the meeting between her and B continued. In the end, A directly questioned her about the affair, but she denied until he pushed the evidence that he had found. She then admitted to the affair to some extent and stated, “I was lonely. I tried to stop.”

Mariko Shinoda also threatened her husband with suicide after being caught with the affair. You can read more about it here:

Former Member Of Japanese Girl Group AKB48 Caught Having An Affair And Threatens Suicide

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