The Funniest Things AROHAs Think ASTRO’s JinJin And Rocky Dressed Up As

JinJin raided MJ’s closet?!

ASTRO members JinJin and Rocky are releasing their debut unit album Restore on January 17th.ย Fantagio Entertainment released a few teaser images of the idols in preparation for the album dropping, showing off their powerful visuals.

ASTRO’s Rocky (left) and JinJin (right) | @fantagiomusic_/Twitter

The light blue tracksuit perfectly compliments JinJin’s dark blue hair.

ASTRO’s JinJin | @fantagiomusic_/Twitter

And Rocky’s charisma is only heightened by his bright red tracksuit.

ASTRO’s Rocky | @fantagiomusic_/Twitter

And, of course, in AROHA’s excitement, they immediately took to Twitter to share what the brightly colored tracksuits reminded them of.

One user decided that the duo’s outfits reminded them of popular sodas.

Which, Restoreย is bound to leave listeners feeling as refreshed as if they had opened a can of Coca-Cola or Pepsi.

While another user decided that JinJin’s tracksuit, in particular, reminded them of a classic childhood snack.

One user joked that Rocky’s similar styling to Bruno Mars might hint at a possible collaboration.

And while a collaboration is unlikely, AROHAs can at least take solace in the fact that Rocky has covered the singer’s “Grenade” before.

But one Twitter user, in particular, may have figured out Fantagio’s styling inspiration. Likening a tracksuit memberย MJ has worn to the concept of their outfits.

At least AROHAs only have to wait less than two weeks to find out if the duo did in fact steal all of MJ’s clothes for their new album. And to see this new unit’s sizzling synergy.