f(x)’s Krystal, Jessica Jung, And Irene Kim Discuss The Struggles Of Balancing Relationships And Their Careers

“I thought I would’ve been married by this age.”

In one of Jessica Jung‘s more recent vlogs, Jessica, Irene Kim, her sister, Krystal of f(x), and Krystal’s best friend Yungeun Yang answered several questions asked by their fans!

While there was an array of diverse questions, many of them centered around relationships and personal types. One question asked what their dream wedding is.

Irene answered, “I think I’m already late” as giggled lowered her head. Of course, it’s never too late for anyone to get married and Krystal reassured Irene and responded, “No it’s not.”

As the strong businesswoman she is, Irene explained that she feels she’s grown more independent through her career and doesn’t want to rely on anyone. Instead of depending on someone, Irene shared that she wants to marry someone who would treat her with equal respect.

Since I have my career and became more independent, I don’t want to lean on someone else. I hope the guy can respect and treat me as an equal.

— Irene Kim

Furthermore Irene revealed the dream partner she wanted when she was younger.

I had a fantasy when I was younger. I wished him to be my best friend, a boyfriend, even a mom and dad at times. It’s hard to find someone like that.

— Irene Kim

Krystal mentioned that she initially believed she would have been married by now at the age of 28. Much like Krystal did for Irene, Irene encouraged Krystal that she’s, “Still so young.

Moreover, Krystal shared that because she debuted at the young age of 14 years old, she felt her 20s were still way ahead of her and would be married by her current age.

Since I started my career early, I thought I would’ve been married by this age. I thought my late 20s was so far from me and that’s when people usually got married at the time. But all of a sudden, I realized I’m 28.

— Krystal

Of course, the girls had to ask Jessica the same question. Jessica definitely felt the craving for an answer and stated, “All eyes on me right now?” Jessica responded that she does plan on marrying but “When it’s the right time.”

Jessica also revealed that she believes if she didn’t have a successful career as a singer, she would have followed in her mother’s footsteps and had kids at her current age.

At my age right now, I think I would be a mother. Because, you know my mom had me when she was like 26. And I think it’s only natural.

— Jessica

Hilariously, Krystal then answered that if she wasn’t a singer and Jessica was a mother, she would have a great career as the “highest-paid nanny.

Check out the video below: