Gaeko Sent EXO’s Chanyeol A Hilarious Warning On Instagram For Being Too Sweet

Chanyeol was just too sweet for Gaeko to handle:

While there are plenty of reasons EXO‘s Chanyeol has won everyone’s heart including his intense rap skills, undeniable stage presence, and powerful performances, one of the biggest reasons he’s earned everyone’s love is his incredibly soft heart.

As a big giant softie, Chanyeol will do anything he can to show those around him just how much he cares about them. Lately, however, Chanyeol’s soft heart has been getting him into a little bit of “trouble” with Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko!

Image: @gaekogeem/Instagram

After the whole Valentine’s Day cake episode where Gaeko revealed his wife compares him to Chanyeol and warned him not to be too perfect…

Image: NNG ᄂᄂᄀ/ YouTube 

Chanyeol came back with even more sweetness for his hyung! On February 25, Gaeko dropped his new song “Cold” with Heize. Upon the release of their song, Chanyeol immediately posted a snapshot of the song along with a fire emoji and a caption that read, “The combination of the best.”

It didn’t take Gaeko long at all to see Chanyeol’s post and when he did…well…he couldn’t help sending Chanyeol one more warning! With Chanyeol’s praises, Gaeko posted a screenshot of Chanyeol’s story and wrote, “I’m warning you if you keep being this sweet…

Seeing the playful warning fans can’t help but crack up over Gaeko’s reaction to Chanyeol’s words!

Looks like this won’t be the last time Gaeko will have to send Chanyeol a warning because there’s simply no stopping Chanyeol from being so darn cute, sweet, and lovable!