Gain’s R-Rated “Fxxk U” MV From 2014 Resurfaces… As K-Pop Fans Discuss New Interpretations

“Back then, we were too blind to see…”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

Brown Eyed Girls‘s maknae-turned-soloist Gain released the shocking 19+ music video for “Fxxk U” in 2014 — featuring her now ex-boyfriend actor Ju Ji Hoon.

When the MV initially dropped, it created a lot of buzz simply for the “racy content” and even faced criticism for being “too sexual for views“.

A whole six years later though, with K-Pop fans who have progressed, the scandalous music video has resurfaced — for its actually insightful significance.

Back then, we were too blind to see what Gain was trying to show us through this MV…

— YouTube Comment

Gain and her MV are now being praised for having shed light on 2020’s most-discussed social issues like dating violence, consent, rape, and more — which in 2014, had been considered “controversial” and “sensitive” and thus generally avoided by idols.

Every single time I re-watch this, I get goosebumps. When this MV first came out, we all thought it was some sexual MV with a lot of racy scenes. That is to say… Back in 2014, we had no idea what dating violence is and how many people it could be harming. Now we know… and so now this MV makes more sense.

— YouTube Comment

According to K-Pop fans, Gain chose to talk and raise questions about a topic that no other artists had:

Listen to the words: She says ‘I don’t want to lie beside you like it’s supposed to be that way.’ That’s the running theme throughout this song. Dating someone doesn’t mean having to have sex with that person. But some people force it like it’s supposed to be that way. Sex without consent is rape, even between couples.

— YouTube Comment

Some even shared their personal painful experiences from similar situations as portrayed in the music video — and ultimately concluded that Gain had opened Koreans’ eyes.

Honestly, I thought this is like… a regular fight between couples. But that scene where Ju Ji Hoon pours oil on himself… He’s threatening to kill himself if Gain doesn’t stay with him?! That reminds me of when my first ex-boyfriend insisted that we have sex — and when I told him no, he insisted he’ll go off himself because his feelings are hurt. In the end, I had to be the one consoling him with unwanted physical contact. But I didn’t know how unfair that is to me at the moment. Looking back, I should have walked out regardless… but to the victims, it sometimes is not that simple.

— YouTube Comment

As more interpretations are openly and actively discussed in the comments section under the video, K-Pop fans are feeling proud that they — and so the world as a whole — are changing for the better, by becoming more aware of the wrongs, and moving forward to fight these wrongs.

You know… I have never watched the same music video twice and felt such dramatically different things. That is a positive sign. I’ve changed. The society has changed. We’re trying to be different. We’re trying to become better. That gives me hope.

— YouTube Comment

Watch the full music video here:

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