Gain and Filipino-American Musician Jeff Bernat Release Duet

Brown Eyed GirlsGain and Filipino-American R&B artist Jeff Bernat have released a bilingual duet song titled “Pray” along with its music video.

On January 22, the two artists released their mellow, medium-tempo R&B duet song “Pray”, a song that lyricizes a couple’s prayers to grow closer to each other.

The song has been receiving praise for its bilingual lyrics; Gain sings her parts in Korean, while Jeff Bernat sings his in English. The pair’s sweet voices and harmonies blur the language barrier and produce one unified sound.

Jeff Bernat and Gain were revealed to have immediately and enthusiastically agreed to work together on this song, as they both expressed that they were fans of each others’ work.

“Pray” was composed by Kim Je Hwi, who is known for composing several of IU‘s hit songs including “Heart”, “My Old Story”, “The Shower”, and “Glasses”.

Listen to the chill, sweet song below:

Source: Sports World