Stylish GD Flaunts yet Another Bold Fashion Choice

If GD did it, this might very well become the next big trend.

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon recently shared photos of himself along with the caption, “City of Seoul.

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Much to his fans’ joy, the photos showed G-Dragon looking stylish as usual in various spots all over Seoul.

What especially stood out about the photos were the bold fashion choices he made.

On top of his sexy charisma, he sported all sorts of items such as overalls and a very red jacket.

But the common characteristic amongst all of his outfits was a colorful scarf he wore around his neck.

As expected from the great fashionista, he managed to pull off the unique scarf over all sorts of different outfits.

Since G-Dragon is known to make all of his fashion choices turn into the next big trend, fans are anticipating the emergence of colorful scarves on store shelves.

Some of the fans’ comments include “Wow, it looks cool because it’s GD“, “This will start becoming a trend“, and “Maybe I’ll try that, too“.


Source: Insight