G-Dragon Shocks Everyone With His Oversized Paris Fashion Week Style

Surprised but not surprised!

G-Dragon is a certified fashionista!

He proved this on his way to Paris and again when he arrived for Fashion Week.

G-Dragon’s airport look


While supporting his sister Kwon Dami‘s brand we11done, G-Dragon turned heads once again.


His suit was a relatively tame and totally beautiful pale blue…

…but he surprised press and fans alike when he got out of his car wearing an avante garde scarf-bag combo.


G-Dragon’s thick scarf covered his entire neck and half of his face, and his bag was as big as his thigh.


Fans were all for his over-the-top look and entrance into Paris Fashion Week.


They also loved how he subtly supported his sister.


Without a doubt, very few people can pull off G-Dragon’s style!