G-Dragon And Big Sister Dami Kwon Show Sweet Support For Her Husband Kim Min Joon In New Drama

Nothing but some casual family bonding time.

G-Dragon and her big sister, Dami Kwon are currently gaining attention for their sweet exchange online regarding Dami Kwon’s new husband, actor Kim Min Joon.

Dami Kwon, who recently got married to Kim Min Joon, took to her Instagram account to share messages exchanged with her brother, G-Dragon.

In the shared messages, Dami Kwon sent G-Dragon a photo of Kim Min Joon starring in the new JTBC drama, Was It Love? with Song Ji Hyo.

She then asked her little brother, “Hahahaha, are you watching, too?” to which G-Dragon replied, “Haha.

Dami Kwon also captioned the photo, “Our beautiful son is also tuning into the drama.

Ahead of this sweet family exchange, Dami Kwon urged everybody to watch her husband’s new drama on the day of its premiere.



Dami Kwon got married to Kim Min Joon last October, which G-Dragon also attended despite having been in the military.

Although Kim Min Joon recently confessed to having a hard time being a typical big brother-in-law to the superstar, G-Dragon, it’s clear they’re the sweetest loving family.

Who wants more of this talented family’s adorable exchanges?

Source: Dispatch