Did GFRIEND’s Sowon Lie About Her Height In Her Profile – Fans Question Her Real Height As She Towers Over Everyone

Do all idols lie about height in their profiles?

After the debacle of the true heights of BLACKPINK‘s Rosé, NCT‘s Jaehyun and APRIL‘s Naeun, it seems that netizens have a new mystery on their hands – GFRIEND‘s Sowon. Sowon is known for her tall height, with her profile height of 172.8cm (5.67 ft). The highly specific number called for fans to trust in its reliability…up to now.

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Fans began to wonder just how tall the idol is, after this photo of GFRIEND with rapper Giant Pink up on social media. As the promotions for their activities overlapped the group went to visit the singer in the waiting rooms of a music show. In the photo, we can see that Sowon is significiantly taller than Giant Pink, even though she is bent at the knees and wearing slippers.

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This called for some thought as the rapper was wearing boots with platforms, and her official height is stated at 172cm (5.64 ft). In another music show during their rookie era, Sowon is seen next to Zico as well, who’s height is stated at 181cm (5.93 ft). Zico looks only a tiny bit taller than the singer though, and his boots seem to be heeled as well.

Buddies’ brains are working overtime trying to process this information as they begin to question her true height.

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Fans praised the other members for standing their own when next to Sowon, who’s known for her legs for days! They also cast doubt on Zico’s true height.

The members of GFRIEND certainly do have great proportions – most of them are in the taller end of the 160s!

Some netizens just had to bring up SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan as well, given recent suspicions about their relationship.

Regardless, Sowon slays their latest concept with her height and amazing charisma.

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