GFRIEND’s Umji Reveals How Much Weight She Lost Since Debut And How She Was Able To Keep It Off

Here’s her secrets to shedding weight and keeping it off!

GFRIEND‘s Umji opened up about her weight loss journey and the secrets to her keeping the weight off! She first confessed that she lost about 8~9kg since her debut days.

Compared to when I weighed the most, I lost about 8~9kg (17.6~19.8lbs). I think people think I lost more weight because I lost a lot of my baby fat.

People tell me that I got pretty and that they always thought of me as a baby but were surprised to see a new image.

— Umji

She then revealed some of her key tips in shedding the unwanted weight and keeping it off! Her trainer revealed that Umji comes in to work out at least once a day and sometimes twice if her schedule allows it.

Umji said she’s been working on her abs and waist to create a pretty body line.

She confessed that in order to lose weight, she thought it was best to not eat anything. But now she knows that it’s okay to eat as long as she’s choosing healthy options!

In the past, I thought it was just better to not eat. But when I get hungry, I eat healthy snacks. When you chew on something, you get less hungry.

— Umji

She recommends healthy protein chips and teas, such as tangerine peel tea, hibiscus, and pu’er tea, to help keep your appetite under control.

She also emphasized that it’s best to learn to enjoy working out because it’s a good way to treasure your body and keep yourself healthy!

During my debut days, my company forced me to exercise and it felt like I was being punished. But one day, as I felt myself getting healthier, I learned to treasure my body and cheer myself on.

— Umji

Thanks to these tips, Umji was able to shed unwanted weight and keep it off! Her changed image has elevated her to be nicknamed a goddess as her visuals continue to leave fans in awe!

Take a look at Umji’s full diet interview below: