(G)I-DLE Had A Different Name Before Debut, And It Made Minnie Cry When She First Heard It

“It was really absurd” — Yuqi

After a year-long hiatus, (G)I-DLE has made a successful comeback with their first full-length album, I Never Die. This comeback has been highly anticipated, and (G)I-DLE did not disappoint!

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The group recently sat down to review themselves on social media and revealed that before they were known as (G)I-DLE, they were actually given other names that the members found seriously questionable. The topic of their group name first came up when they found that it easily appeared on search results even when they only typed in ‘I-DLE’ (without the ‘girl’).

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Yuqi suggested they just get rid of the ‘G’ altogether, something that the members agreed with considering the new direction they’re taking with the new album. Soyeon then continued reading facts on the group’s bio, one of which was that their pre-debut name was ‘Any Color.’ Funnily enough, Soyeon said that there was actually a different name besides that one…

…which Yuqi confirmed by admitting that this other name had been really “absurd.” A staff member asked her what it was, but she was unsure whether to say it or not.

And to give an idea of how bad the name was, Minnie confessed that she had actually cried when she first learned of it. Her members couldn’t help laughing, but she insisted she really had cried, which Yuqi also confirmed!

In fact, not only had Minnie cried, but she says she had also fought a lot with their director over the name!

Asked what the name was once again, Minnie agreed to tell the staff, but only if they bleeped it out.

While fans may never know what the name was, they can at least now be part of (G)I-DLE’s journey as they explore the meaning of their current name and what they want it to represent!

You can watch the clip of them discussing their name on the link below.


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