(G)I-DLE’s Minnie And Yuqi Reveal Their Close Friendship With ITZY And Fans 200% Here For It

Looks like there’s a new girl squad in town!

K-Pop has some pretty awesome friendship groups and now fans are getting ready to have their hearts stolen by a new girl squad with (G)I-DLE and ITZY!

Image credit: @G_I_DLE/Twitter


During MBC‘s Gayo Daejejeon, fans got to witness one epic collaboration between 2018 and 2019’s best rookies, (G)I-DLE and ITZY. The two groups definitely delivered a stunning performance that left fans from both groups cheering!


Their performance together, however, isn’t the only reason why fans are cheering, it’s the two groups budding friendship! On January 7, Minnie and Yuqi went live to have some fun and chat with fans. During the live, they noticed one comment about their collab stage with ITZY and soon had everyone celebrating as they revealed how close they had become with Lia and Yeji!

Yuqi: Ah, right! We did a collab with ITZY! ITZY are so nice and cute! I’ve become really close with Yeji.

Minnie: And I’ve become close with Lia!


Although they talked a lot to Lia and Yeji, they also revealed how cute and cool they found the rest of the members!

Minnie: Honestly, we all talked with each other but we talked with Yeji and Lia the most.

Yuqi: Everyone is so nice. Chaeryeong is so nice, Yuna is so cute, Ryujin too. They weren’t as shy as I thought. I think we are a great fit.


Further along in the broadcast, Yuqi even dialed up Yeji for a chat, as she revealed she does video calls all the time with Yeji since they became fast friends. Unfortunately, this time around Yeji was unable to pick up Yuqi’s call during the live.

Is it okay for me to call her now? We’ve done video calls every day! She must have a schedule. She didn’t pick up.

— Yuqi


Meanwhile, the news that a new girl squad is quickly forming between the rookie queens of 2018 and 2019 has fans going wild. Fans from both groups are 100% supportive of this new friendship and can’t wait to see even more interactions between the friends in the future!


Here’s hoping they’ll get a chance to hang out together soon! Check out what Minnie and Yuqi had to see about their friendship with ITZY in the video below around the 1-hour and 5-minute mark.