(G)I-DLE’s Minnie Reveals Difficulties She Faced During Her Trainee Days

“I have trained a lot and improved in many ways.”

(G)I-DLE‘s charismatic member Minnie recently sat down with Harper’s BAZAAR Thailand for a very intriguing interview! During her interview, Minnie revealed personal experience from moving to Korea and becoming a trainee!

When asked, “How hard is it to be a trainee?” Minnie nodded and adorably grinned. While she is clearly successful today, Minnie shared she had to put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to become an idol. While many K-Pop fans know the intense training idols have to go through, it was especially hard for Minnie as she did not know any Korean upon arriving in Korea.

At first, I couldn’t speak Korean at all. I can’t communicate. I don’t understand a thing. I think language is the most important thing and a big task to achieve. When I started to communicate and get along, that’s when I started to enjoy it.

— Minnie

Furthermore, Minnie explained that there were a lot of things for her to learn in addition to mastering the Korean language.

And I was trained in every aspect like singing, dancing, and each person has their specialties. Like she can act so she gets acting classes. This one can write a song so she gets songwriting lessons, or get language classes. Like me, I studied Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese. I have trained a lot and improved in many ways.

— Minnie

When asked if she’s ever felt discouraged, Minnie shared she missed Thailand a lot at the start of her training and knew she couldn’t give up. Like the hardworking person she is, Minnie stated she persevered till the end.

When I stay there, I cried every day in the first 3 months. I wanted to come home. I couldn’t handle it anymore, but I have gone this far. I can be down, but I can’t quit. I have to do something for myself.

— Minnie

Minnie revealed that at times where she felt downhearted, she would give her parents a call or talk to her friends and fellow members.

I call my parents whenever I felt down, but I don’t tell them the whole story because I don’t want them to be worried. Or I talked to my friends, or even my members in Korea. I have to push myself to make it to the end.

— Minnie

As a successful idol, Minnie shared some great advice for those chasing down big career goals! In order to fulfill your dreams, Minnie claimed you have to be sure of what you want and you must also be passionate.

You have to make sure that you really want to do this (your dream). If you enjoy it, you will be driven by passion and wanna wake up every day to complete the job. I mean for every career, do what you love and this will make you happy every day. Truly be yourself. I’ve tried to find your strengths. Everyone has their strengths and improve yourself by enhancing what you have. Which doesn’t mean you necessarily need to have many strengths, you can just have one and let is shine and stand out.

— Minnie

Check out the video below:


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