A Fan Had So Many Cameras Even (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi Was Shook

She wasn’t ready 😆

Although it’s natural for fans to have the best camera and longest lens to snap high-quality photos of (G)I-DLE at the airport, one fan came with so many cameras that even Yuqi was surprised.

Yuqi | @yuqisong.923/Instagram

As the girls were walking through the airport, Miyeon and Yuqi made a heart together and posed for those who’d been waiting to see them. When making a heart once more for a different fan, Yuqi noticed something surprising.

Though Yuqi was wearing a mask, her wide eyes showed just how surprised she was by one particular fan. She even tried to cover her mouth in shock when seeing how dedicated they were to getting the perfect photos and videos of the group.

Making sure they didn’t miss a thing, the fan who’d shocked Yuqi didn’t have just one or two cameras. They had a camera connected to two phones, which were all neatly stuck together with mounts and cords.

| KOREA Dispatch/YouTube

With three different cameras focused right on her from one single person, anyone would’ve been just as surprised as Yuqi.

| @yuqisong.923/Instagram

See Yuqi’s adorably shocked reaction to seeing the fan with enough cameras to get photos and videos from every angle.