(G)I-DLE’s Soojin Revealed Her MBTI Personality Type & It Explains So Much About Her

Soojin’s MBTI result is shockingly accurate.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test—or MBTI for short—is a quiz that can pinpoint your personality with unbelievable accuracy. (G)I-DLE’s Soojin recently took the test and revealed to fans that she’s an ISFP, also known as the “Adventurer” type. Here’s what her result says about her.

ISFPs like Soojin are often described as “true artists”, but in a more unique sense. They often use their creative skills to push the limits of social convention and break traditional expectations.

One thing they’re known for in particular is experimenting with non-traditional beauty ideas—which might explain why Soojin has so many tattoos.

When ISFPs choose a career, the most important thing to them is creative freedom. That makes (G)I-DLE the perfect group for Soojin, since the members are frequently given opportunities to self-produce.

Even though ISFPs have a shy and reserve exterior, they’re very passionate on the inside. When they set their heart on an exciting prospect, they can’t back down. This trait is perfectly in line with Soojin, who begged her father to let her become an idol for two years.

The Adventurer personality type is also known for being sensitive and empathetic to those around them. Since they’re good at creating harmony, they make natural parents when they grow up. Of course, Soojin already excels at being the “mom” of the group according to her members.

And if you’re one of the numerous fans who can’t resist Soojin’s charms, it could be down to her personality type. The relaxed and warm attitude of ISFPs makes everyone love them.

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