(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Has The Best Advice For LGBTQ+ People Dealing With Disapproval From Their Parents

Best girl, best ally.

(G)I-DLE‘s Shuhua has always been praised for her outspoken and confident nature. She has never hesitated to speak her mind. She once used her platform to publicly reprimand a group of men in China for using violence against women. She also left a touching message to women.

To all of you lovely girls, I am sorry I can’t help your pain, fears, and grievances, but now what’s important is that you live well and heal with time. Other than that, trust me, everyone will fight for your justice. There is no reason to show mercy to scums like them. I just hope you can see the warmth in your misfortune.

— Shuhua

This time, the precious girl helped a fan get over their fear of coming out to their parents. A fan asked Shuhua what they should do if they like someone of the same gender.

Shuhua had the best advice.

Just love them. Just love them bravely. Don’t whine. Don’t whine, really.

— Shuhua

In Mandarin, the phrase for “don’t whine” means that one should not think of something as a huge deal. Shuhua is encouraging the fan to pursue their love bravely and care less what others think. The fan continued to ask what they should do if they face disapproval from their parents.

This is a good question. Loving someone is something to do with yourself, not your parents. So I think you should seriously and nicely try to communicate with your parents. If they love you, they will accept you in the end. So it’s okay. You guys don’t know just how powerful love is.

— Shuhua

With her encouraging pearls of wisdom, hopefully the fan has found some comfort and clarity!