(G)I-DLE Spill On Which Member Is The Strictest Producer

Soyeon, Minnie, and Yuqi each produced two songs for “I LOVE.”

(G)I-DLE are receiving immense praise for their recent comeback, I LOVE. Fans are praising (G)I-DLE for their powerful message, response to hate comments, and clever way of impacting searches.

Fans are incredibly proud since the album was all thanks to (G)I-DLE’s self-production since Soyeon, Minnie, and Yuqi each produced two of the tracks.

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All three idols are incredibly talented in producing music, but during an interview for their comeback, Miyeon and Shuhua were asked which of the three “is the strictest producer.

Miyeon first explained that “The three of them are so different” in how they direct song recordings. According to Miyeon, Minnie “gives a lot of freedom.”

Miyeon: Anyway, to start with Minnie, she gives a lot of freedom.

Shuhua: Right, I agree.

Miyeon:Do what you want. Try to sing it in your own style.” She leaves it all open and tries to complete it collaboratively.

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Meanwhile, Miyeon believes Soyeon is the “exact [opposite].”

Miyeon: Soyeon has a goal in mind, so we work together to reach that goal. She has very clear directions, so it’s comfortable. [Minnie and Soyeon are] exact opposites.

(Front, left to right) Miyeon, Soyeon, Minnie, (back, left to right) Shuhua, and Yuqi | (G)I-DLE/YouTube 

As for Yuqi, Miyeon shares that she, like Soyeon, always has a way she wants the song to sound, but that sometimes it can be difficult for others to understand what the goal is.

Miyeon: Yuqi also knows what she wants, but when she explains it, they’re so strange I go like, “What does that mean?” She would be like, “Try to do it just 0.1 second later.” She uses lots of abstract expressions, so it’s a bit challenging.

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So even though working with Yuqi isn’t scary, Miyeon can find her recordings difficult.

Miyeon: She’s not a scary producer, but recording sessions with her are pretty hard.

Soyeon: She’s an artist. She’s more detailed.

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And Miyeon also quickly clarifies that Yuqi is quick to compliment them while recording.

Miyeon: Yuqi also gives lots of compliments. She would be like, “That’s it, that’s it.”

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And since Shuhua agrees with Miyeon’s assessment, Yuqi admits that she can be strict in getting the best recording possible.

Yuqi: I am strict. I admit it. I don’t let them come out of the booth until I have what I wanted.

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Although, according to Yuqi, she does start by giving them freedom.

Yuqi: I would start by giving freedom. But if it doesn’t feel right, then I’d tell them to do it my way.

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But even though Soyeon, Minnie, and Yuqi have such different styles for recording, there’s no denying that their individual processes lead to some phenomenal songs.

You can listen to “Nxde” here.

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