(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi Picks Which Member The Sexy “Nxde” Concept Suits Best

You’ll never guess who she ranked as the sexiest.

The YouTube web series Street Alcohol Fighter had the famous K-Pop girl group (G)I-DLE as guests in their most recent episode. Super Junior‘s Heechul was in charge of interviewing them while drinking to promote their upcoming single, “Nxde.”

(G)I-DLE with Heechul on Street Alcohol Fighter | 스튜디오 훜 : STUDIO HOOK/YouTube

Living up to their title of “the boldest girl group,” the girls agreed to play a daring game and rank the members honestly according to whatever was asked. First went Minnie, who rated the members according to who was most difficult to please.

Minnie chose Yuqi as the 2nd tagger. Shuhua dared her to rank the group according to who least fit the sexy concept of “Nxde!” Everyone else thought she was being too harsh, but Yuqi seemed excited.

Yuqi chose Miyeon as the least sexy member, saying she could be described as pretty rather than sexy. Although Minnie disagreed, the rest of the group readily accepted Yuqi’s decision.

Next was Minnie, who Yuqi said had proved herself as cool and chic but had the opportunity to show her more alluring charms during the comeback.

Yuqi surprised everyone by ranking their leader Soyeon 3rd! Even Soyeon thought she deserved to be at the bottom of the list since she is known for her bold outfit choices and personality.

That only left Shuhua and Yuqi ranked 5th and 6th best suited for the provocative “Nxde” concept. There was an outcry of unfairness from the other members, but Shuhua and Yuqi quickly silenced their doubts by pretending to take off their clothes and prove their sexiness!

The entire group was forced to agree that Yuqi and Shuhua were indeed the best fits for “Nxde.”

Watch the full episode below! Yuqi begins her ranking at the 15:36 mark.


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