The Girl Group That Disbanded Just 5 Days After Debuting

What happened to them?

Rookie girl group SOLIA had disbanded just five days after their debut.

SOLIA | @solia_official_/Instagram

SOLIA was a group under Space Music, that debuted on August 17, 2021. The group consisted of 5 members—Soree, Hayeon, Suna, Soyeon, and Eunbi, they debuted with the single “Dream”.

The group, however, ended up disbanding on August 22, 2021, only 5 days after making their debut. In an Instagram post, Space Music announced their disbandment due to the company’s “circumstances”, asking fans to continue supporting the members in their individual endeavors.

| @solia_official_/Instagram

Their agency later clarified that the reason they disbanded was due to the members having differing opinions on how their future activities and career would turn out. Due to this, the group was disbanded so that each member could go on their own path.