Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Eats So Well That It’s Practically A Talent – Fans Think She Could Switch Careers

She’s making us hungry.

Fans of Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri will know that she loves to eat! She’s been famous for her unabashed gluttony since her debut and it looks like this has continued even years into her career.

Her ability to eat deliciously was perhaps what got her a fixed role on tvN‘s DoReMi Market, a show which features three food items per episode, as prizes for cast members who answer quizzes correctly. Her appearances on the show have garnered huge attention for her as fans comment on how well she eats. Here are 7 moments where she ate so well that we were tempted to go raid our kitchens.

1. When she ate this kimbap roll

The roll looks way too big for her at first glance but she eats it all in one bite cleanly. Nicely done!

2. When she got to eat this hamburger

While we’re not one for fast food, the way Hyeri packs it in makes it look extremely appetizing.

3. As she devours some black bean noodles

On an episode of We Got Married that featured her bandmate, Yura, Hyeri dug into a huge bowl of black bean noodles that were bought for her by her “brother-in-law”! Free food is good food.

4. Where does it all go to?

Hyeri may look small but she sure eats a lot. How did she manage to eat the entire wrap whole?

5. That’s one huge spoonful

Even being dressed like a lady did not stop her as she shovelled a spoonful of rice in and looked adorable while doing it.


6. Just one bite…

The reason for her uncharacteristically small mouthful was as the food was given to fellow cast member Park Na Rae instead of herself.

7. Even dressed like a Greek Goddess

Have you ever seen someone dressed like a goddess, complete with a circlet, devour a common hotdog with that much enthusiasm?

It seems that netizens were really taken with her eating skills, as they commented that she could probably work as a mukbang YouTuber instead of an idol and still do well! They even compared her to a successful mukbang YouTuber, Boki.

It seems that Hyeri already has her own YouTube channel, so who knows, perhaps we will be lucky enough to get mukbang content in the future!

Source: theqoo

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