Girl’s Day’s Yura Opens Up About The Difficulties Of Transitioning From An Idol To An Actress

She also showed some of the things she does in her daily life.

Girl’s Day‘s Yura shared her daily life on tvN‘s On and Off on May 18! While she discussed many aspects of her life, perhaps the most interesting was her stress in going from an idol to becoming an actress.

Yura first began by lounging in a massage chair, sharing that she actually never used them much before. She said that she now sits in it for at least 2 hours a day when reading her scripts. Her most recent K-Drama, Now, We Are Breaking Up [working title], with Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong, requires her to be an uptight influencer. The massage chair helps when she is practicing her fussy character.

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Yura then began drinking tea made from dried lotus roots. She said that she fell in love with tea as her acting teacher always gave her some when practicing. She continued to show her tea collection, which included interesting options such as artichoke tea, lotus root tea, and pumpkin-red bean tea.

Yura also explained how she became friends with actor Yoon Si Yoon. They became close after being partners on the variety show 1 Night, 2 Days. On On and Off, she went to an “art class for a day” pop-up shop with him and drew. Toon Si Yoon revealed that he would love to hold an art exhibit like Yura did but is afraid to get negative feedback.


I drew these with the mindset that if I work hard, I won’t get negative criticism. Those fears also apply to acting for me. If an idol causes an NG [mistake] to happen during filming they freeze, and I’m scared that if I don’t do well I will be negatively criticized by a lot of people.


Yoon Si Yoon then recalled that when she came to be a cameo in his series Psychopath Diary, he thought she would have her usual bright personality. Instead, she was very noticeably anxious and stressed.

When the red light on the camera turns on, idols always look directly into the camera. But for actors, they aren’t supposed to look. At first, that was the most difficult and awkward part for me to get used to.


They continued to draw more comfortably with each other after sharing their worries. Although the show’s cast was shocked at the conversation as they thought, they would be more confident.

Source: News 1 Korea, My Daily and Image

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