Jessica Jung Talks Autobiography And Future Plans At Fashion Asia 2018

“I want to do so many things.” – Jessica Jung

Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung recently dished on her fashion brand, career progress, and future plans at Fashion Asia 2018 in Hong Kong.


Every year, this high profile event brings together brand executives, cutting-edge designers, innovative entrepreneurs, merchandisers, and more to discuss current issues facing the industry and to provide insight into how to navigate today’s market.


On December 5, Jessica Jung sat down with the CEO of Tank GroupCaroline Issa, to give her own perspective based on her own experiences.


This idol-turned-fashion-designer is now the creative director of her own brand, BLANC & ECLARE, but choosing just one professional passion is something Jessica Jung isn’t willing to do.

“I get a lot of questions asking, ‘Which one do you like better? Do you like to be an entrepreneur? Do you like to be a singer? What do you like? The thing is, I really can’t choose because they’re both a huge part of my life.”

— Jessica Jung


In fact, she is planning to pursue new entrepreneurial goals, singing goals, and more in the near future.

“I want to continue releasing music. I want to expand BLANC & ECLARE. I want to write a book.”

— Jessica Jung


One of Jessica Jung’s goals is to branch out into writing. When asked what kind of book she would pen, Jessica said, “maybe an autobiography or fiction”, since she is interested in both.


If she did publish an autobiography, it’s very likely that it would become bestseller. To this day, K-Pop fans around the world are still hoping to unravel the mystery of Jessica Jung’s 2014 departure from Girls’ Generation. A Jessica Jung autobiography could potentially satisfy fans’ curiosity once and for all.

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In addition to writing, Jessica Jung said that she also hopes to start working in the US more, since she is now signed to an American company.

“I signed with a company in the US, so maybe start working in the US more. Now I’m based in Asia, but possibly in a couple years I’ll be based in the US.”

— Jessica Jung


At the end of her talk, Jessica Jung offered advice for multitaskers like her, who are pursuing a multi-track career rather than a single profession.

“Just don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to do something new because even if it fails you’ll always have another chance, and life goes on. I was the type of person who was scared to do something new and jump into a different category, but a lot has changed for me. Surrounding yourself with good people is also key. If you have your dream, just go for it. You only live once, right?”

— Jessica Jung


For more, check out Jessica Jung’s entire Fashion Asia talk here.

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