The Girls’ Generation Members Always Do One Thing Whenever They Travel To The United States

Girls’ Generation lets no distance come between the sisterhood they have!

Girls’ Generation members are all busy making the most of their careers outside the girl group, and though not disbanded, the girls don’t get to see each other as often as when they promoted together.


So whenever Girls’ Generation members travel to the United States for any of their schedules, they all make time to do one thing… which is to hang out with Tiffany!


When Yuri was in the US for business, she updated her social media with a picture of the airport, captioned, “Gogogo, I’m so excited!” She then explained, through a different picture, that she was excited because she was on her way to see Tiffany.

“Do you know why I was so excited before? Tiffany 😍” — Yuri


The two hit up Venice Beach in California and spent time with each other!


They took cute selfies together to commemorate their date for their fans.


Seohyun also visited the US for a photo shoot and made time to see Tiffany while she was in the country.


Seohyun and Tiffany went to Disneyland together, and constantly updated via their social media accounts about their fun-filled day!

Once again, the girls shared their moments with their fans with adorable selfies!


Sooyoung recently paid a visit to the United States, as well. She met up with Tiffany and checked out Los Angeles’s hottest coffee stops!


Sooyoung credited Tiffany for taking this photo at the famous pink wall at Alfred Tea Room!


Of course, when Tiffany returns to Korea, she makes time to see Girls’ Generation members too. Earlier this year in January, when Tiffany was in Korea, the whole group reunited for a fun night-in together!


During her live broadcast, Tiffany explained, “All the members came to my house when I was in Korea.”

“It was so fun. I asked the members if anyone else wanted to join Seohyun who was planning on coming over to my house. Everyone came. It was the best time ever, I miss the members so much.” — Tiffany


Even when the girls are not actively promoting as a group, the sisterhood is strong for Girls’ Generation members. It must be this bond that has kept them together wowing fans all these years!


Source: THEQOO

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