Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Young Celebrates Her 31st In Style – With A Soshi Reunion Of Course

Happy birthday, gorgeous!

Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany recently celebrated her 31st birthday on the 1st of August, and she made sure to do it with style. As of course, she couldn’t do it without her girls! She made sure to create a night that everyone in attendance would remember!

Tiffany took to her official Instagram to post a few photos from the night. She had rented out a private room in a chic restaurant in Seoul and decorated the entire place with roses.

Tiffany loves her dress codes and themes, with her friends decked out in pajamas the year before. This year, she went with something more mature, making her guests dress in black. She herself was dressed in a black jumpsuit with black lace trimming.

Not only were the girls of Girls’ Generation in attendance, she also also invited her longtime best friend, Jiyoung, a non-celebrity who works in fashion PR, as well as Bora formerly from SISTAR and Jun Hyosung from SECRET.

Yuri posted a lovely selfie of the two together on her Instagram story, both dressed in black. She even wore a headband in honor of Tiffany, and wrapped roses around her neck.

Sunny as well, wrote a thoughtful dedication to Tiffany, which can be read below.

Now if we leave out our signature, I’ll be sad. As expected, our passionate Fany! Not only did you take care of your own birthday, but also our 13th year anniversary! That’s amazing of you!! Be happy, our Fany. #GG4EVA.

— Sunny from Girls’ Generation

Seohyun as well, posted about the party on, her Instagram story. She revealed that although she hadn’t been drinking, the other members brought out the vibrancy in her!

While Taeyeon has yet to post about the party, she did post an outfit of the day with the little black dress she wore on the day.

Sooyoung also made sure to give a shoutout to her best friend. The girls both looked absolutely gorgeous! Black and red sure are their colors.

It seems that netizens were similarly tickled to see the girls get together once again, praising them for their true friendship as well as pretty looks. As Yoona did not update her Instagram with the party photos yet, it was speculated that she was not in attendance due to her drama filmings.

A reunion of the Soshi girls? We love to see it. While there has yet to be news of a possible reunion comeback, it looks like their bond remains as strong as ever. Congratulations to Tiffany once again, for turning a fabulous 31!

Source: theqoo

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