Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Reveals The Funny Reason Why Tiffany Is The Best Photographer In The Group

Tiffany is actually the cutest supporter!

The members of Girls’ Generation are always posting the cutest selfies and Sooyoung once revealed which member has the best photography skills and why.


During her appearance on Yuri‘s YouTube video back in September, Sooyoung and Yuri were discussing how well they take photos. Yuri admitted that she isn’t very talented in photography and that Sooyoung is quite good.

Yuri then went on to confess that she doesn’t enjoy taking photos with Sooyoung since “Sooyoung’s picky with photos.” Since Sooyoung likes to have her photos taken a certain way, Yuri asked, “Who are you satisfied with taking your pictures?” Sooyoung answered that she approves of Tiffany‘s photography skills and the reason is actually super adorable.

Sooyoung explained that Tiffany gives out clear directions without being timid of those around her. Sooyoung shared Tiffany often encourages her with comments like “You’re pretty” or “Relax your eyes.”

To Sooyoung, taking pictures in a public place like a cafe can make her a bit shy, however, she revealed that Tiffany doesn’t get embarrassed at all. When Sooyoung is feeling timid about taking photos in public, she shared that Tiffany will comment things like, “It’s not embarrassing. It’s okay” in a cute voice.

With all the people there at the cafe. Everyone’s looking at me. Then everyone will think, ‘She’s taking pictures for Sooyoung’s social media!’ They’ll think that way. But she goes, ‘It’s not embarrassing. It’s okay.’

— Sooyoung

Sooyoung then concluded that she used to get shy and embarrassed to take photos so openly with Tiffany, she is now more confident.

A staff member behind the scenes then suggested that the two try taking photos of each other and see who’s results are better. Sooyoung confidently went first and took the photo without any struggle. When Yuri began capturing photos of Sooyoung, Sooyoung hilariously critiqued Yuri and stated, “Your angle is already wrong! Look.

In the end, Sooyoung claimed that her photography skills are better than Yuri’s and Yuri commented that she felt there was no difference between the two.

Check out the video below:

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