Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Calls Seohyun Out For Being A Newlywed Couple With Go Kyung Pyo

Seohyun was super chill about it.

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun recently posted selfies with actor Go Kyung Pyo on her Instagram account, and fellow member, Sooyoung didn’t hold back.

| @sooyoungchoi/Instagram

In the photos, Seohyun can be seen posing with Go Kyung Pyo along with the caption,

Thanks to the caring coffee truck that Joon Han Oppa sent us, we have the strength to keep filming in the summer heat. The drinks and shaved are so good that I ate lots.

— Seohyun

From the sounds of it, actor, Kim Joon Han gifted Seohyun and Go Kyung Pyo with a coffee truck, and Seohyun made sure to express her gratitude.

| @seojuhyun_s/Instagram
| @seojuhyun_s/Instagram

But fellow Girls’ Generation member, Sooyoung came in trolling.

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Underneath the photos of Seohyun and Go Kyung Pyo, Sooyoung commented,

Is this in Pangyo?

— Sooyoung

The town name pangyo (판교) that Sooyoung mentioned in the comment is actually from a joke that came up when Go Kyung Pyo appeared on Seohyun’s live broadcast. Many expressed that they looked like a newlywed couple starting a new life in the up and coming new town pangyo.

And Seohyun went along with it in the following response.

Yeah, yeah. We are. I only found out what that meant through you guys (Girls’ Generation members).

— Seohyun

Seohyun and Go Kyung Pyo are set to show off their “newlywed couple” chemistry in the upcoming JTBC drama, Personal Life.

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The drama will likely premiere in September of 2020.

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