Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Reveals Her Method To Singing With Powerful Emotions

She’s the queen of emotional singing!

Girls’ Generation‘s talented leader Taeyeon is clearly a talented vocalist. It’s not only her pretty voice and wide range that makes Taeyeon a great vocalist but also the emotion she is able to pour into her songs.

Since her debut, Taeyeon has been known to make people feel the feelings she’s singing about. Because of her vocals, Taeyeon’s songs have been featured in several K-Drama OSTs and even earned the title of “OST Queen” from the.

Though Taeyeon’s music is frequently featured in K-Dramas, Taeyeon herself does not often act in them. Instead, Taeyeon expressed she loves to merely lend her voice to add to the story.

In an interview with Hashtag Legend, Taeyeon revealed how she physically and mentally prepares for putting so much feeling into one song.

Q: What’s it like to tell a story through song? How do you prepare yourself mentally as well as physically?

I’m not someone who acts in movies or on TV, but during those three or four minutes on stage I think of myself as an actress. When I get into the lyrics, even my facial expressions change. So, singing on stage for me is also a form of acting.

— Taeyeon

Taeyeon continued and shared her goal for every one of her songs and performances is for the listeners to be able to relate to the emotions she’s conveying.

I always sing in the hope that the audience can empathise with my emotions.

— Taeyeon

As far as her physical preparation goes, Taeyeon revealed she uses exercises and stretches as a way to relax before going on stage.

As for physical preparation, I always do stretching exercises to relax beforehand, and now it’s become really natural and almost like a habit to do so before every performance.

— Taeyeon

Source: Hashtag Legend

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