Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon And Seohyun Are Hyoyeon’s Managers For The Day, And It’s Chaotic From The Start

Being a manager is harder than you think.

For one of the missions on Soshi Tamtam, some of the members of Girls’ Generation had to become managers for the other members for a day, and leader Taeyeon and maknae Seohyun became Hyoyeon‘s managers for the day of her music video shooting.

It quickly became chaotic right from the start, with Seohyun and Taeyeon running late to pick up Hyoyeon. And when Hyoyeon tried to call to ask where they were, the two didn’t even register the call.


When they finally arrived, Seohyun gave a dramatic apology before escorting Hyoyeon into the car. However, her excessive care became burdensome, to which it almost seemed like Hyoyeon was getting arrested and not just being taken care of.

The series of unfortunate yet hilarious events didn’t stop there. When Hyoyeon asked for a snack, Seohyun gave her some corn-flavored almonds, which were tasty and good for inducing appetite. Sadly, Hyoyeon was on a strict diet for her comeback, so increasing her appetite was the opposite of what she wanted.

When they arrived on site, Hyoyeon decided to take over the troublemaking position. Hyoyeon had to change into her music video outfit, but instead of going right away, she coyly asked Taeyeon and Seohyun to dress her before yielding to their firm refusal.

Managers are also in charge of doing their artists’ nails, so Seohyun volunteered to help stick on Hyoyeon’s nails. When Hyoyeon asked what Seohyun would do if the nails fell off while Hyoyeon danced, Seohyun said she’d come running to fix things. She couldn’t help but also add that it would never happen again in the future since being Hyoyeon’s manager was only for one day, causing Hyoyeon to get playfully angry.

Taeyeon and Seohyun played bad manager, good manager with Hyoyeon, and as soon as Hyoyeon showed signs of annoyance, Taeyeon swooped in with a fan to cool her down.

But all jokes aside, Taeyeon and Seohyun took great care of Hyoyeon, greeting all the staff on set like normal managers would and respectfully thanking them for their time and hard work.

And when it came to monitoring, Hyoyeon was very thankful for their help since her members paid special attention to even the most minor details and helped Hyoyeon create an even prettier image while filming.

Girls’ Generation have a friendship spanning over fifteen years, so their playful teasing and sweet support prove how precious the members are to each other.

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