Here’s Why Everybody Wants Yoona to Make a Cameo Appearance on “Crash Landing on You”

It makes a lot of sense!

The new tvN drama, Crash Landing on You is gaining love from viewers all over the world with its interesting story about a South Korean woman who landed in North Korea via a paragliding accident.

What’s making it even more captivating is the stellar performance by Son Ye Jin as Yoon Se Ri…

And Hyun Bin‘s spectacular performance as Lee Jung Hyuk.

In the midst of the two actors’ amazing chemistry in the popular drama, many netizens are expressing their desire to see Girls’ Generation Yoona make a cameo appearance.

The reason for that is that Hyun Bin has acted alongside Yoona before in the 2017 film, Confidential Assignment.

In the drama, Yoona played a character who was in a one-sided crush with Hyun Bin’s character and conveyed the role perfectly.

Many viewers believed that Yoona cleverly and enthusiastically expressed her interest in Hyun Bin’s character to the point of being very convincing.

Fans are predicting that if Yoona happened to make a cameo appearance on Crash Landing on You, it would both highlight Yoona’s amazing acting of one-sided love as well as Son Ye Jin’s over-the-top jealousy.

What’s making fans hope that this could happen is the fact that actor Kim Soo Hyun recently made a hilarious cameo appearance in the drama as his character in the 2013 drama, Secretly, Greatly.

Fingers crossed that more of such cameo appearances are to come in the popular drama!

Source: Insight

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