Here’s How The “Girls Planet 999” Rankings Differ Between Korean & International Voters

Korean and international voters chose completely different picks…

Girls Planet 999 aired its semi-finals this week, combining both Korean and international votes with a 50-50 split in order to determine which contestants would be eliminated and who would survive to see the finale. However, when you split the international votes from the Korean votes, you’ll notice some pretty stark differences in rankings. Here’s how the Top 9 would be different if one group of voters was removed from the equation.

1. The current combined ranking

The current Top 9 contestants are Shen Xiaoting (1st) with 4,161,699 points, Kim Dayeon (2nd) with 2,395,726 points, Sakamoto Mashiro (3rd) with 2,314,788 points,

Shen Xiaoting, Kim Dayeon, Sakamoto Mashiro | Mnet

Ezaki Hikaru (4th) with 1,185,083 points, Choi Yujin (5th) with 1,747,716 points, Kawaguchi Yurina (6th) with 1,692,862 points,

Ezaki Hikaru, Choi Yujin, Kawaguchi Yurina | Mnet

Nonaka Shana (7th) with 1,621,602 points, Fu Yaning (8th) with 1,548,272 points, and Seo Youngeun (9th) with 1,524,572 points.

Nonaka Shana, Fu Yaning, Seo Youngeun | Mnet

In total, there are two Chinese contestants, three Korean contestants, and four Japanese contestants in the current Top 9. But, when you separate Korean votes from international votes, those rankings become very different.

2. The Korean-only ranking

When you remove international votes from the equation, Shen Xiaoting (275,176 votes) and Kim Dayeon (166,497 votes) remain in 1st and 2nd place respectively. However, the similarities end there. In the Korean-only Top 9 ranking, Ezaki Hikaru rounds out the top three with 117,962 votes.

Shen Xiaoting, Kim Dayeon, Ezaki Hikaru | Mnet

Nonaka Shana places higher here, ranking in 4th place with 103,234, while Sakamoto Mashiro moves down to 5th place with 103,324 votes. Next up, while Kim Chaehyun didn’t place in the overall Top 9 at all this week, she’d be 6th if Koreans were the only voters, racking up 81,679 votes.

Nonaka Shana, Sakamoto Mashiro, Kim Chaehyun | Mnet

The final three contestants who make the Korean-only Top 9 are Choi Yujin (moving down to 7th place with 79,908 votes), Kawaguchi Yurina (down to 8th with 76,536 points), and Huang Xingqiao (65,934)—another contestant who didn’t make the overall ranking.

Choi Yujin, Kawaguchi Yurina, Huang Xingqiao | Mnet

In this version of the Top 9, there are still two Chinese contestants, three Korean contestants, and four Japanese contestants, but the votes are distributed differently. If Koreans were the only voters, Fu Yaning and Seo Youngeun would be out of the Top 9 completely.

Fu Yaning | Mnet

Other notable differences include Kim Suyeon (17th in the overall ranking but 10th among Koreans) and Su Ruiqi (10th in the overall ranking but 17th among Koreans).

Su Ruiqi | Mnet

3. The international-only ranking

Even when you remove Korean votes from the equation, Shen Xiaoting remains in 1st place across the board. Placing no.1 in 77 countries this week, she received 1,410,236 votes from global viewers. The 2nd most popular contestant among international voters is Sakamoto Mashiro with 1,296,015 votes. However, 3rd place has the biggest jump: Fu Yaning, who is 8th in the overall ranking, with 1,024,070 international votes.

Shen Xiaoting, Sakamoto Mashiro, Fu Yaning | Mnet

Ezaki Hikaru remains in 4th place here with 962,870 votes, but Su Ruiqi rounds out the international voters’ Top 9 despite failing to make it into this week’s overall ranking. She received 872,106 votes from international viewers. Kawaguchi Yurina, meanwhile, stays in 6th place with 870,559 votes.

Ezaki Hikaru, Su Ruiqi, Kawaguchi Yurina | Mnet

And the international-only Top 9 ranking finishes up with three Korean contestants: Seo Yeongeun with 862,836 global votes, Choi Yujin with 810,873 global votes, and Kim Dayeon with 743,967 global votes, who falls right down from overall second place.

Seo Youngeun, Choi Yujin, Kim Dayeon | Mnet

Unlike in the other two rankings, the international voters’ Top 9 is made up of three Chinese contestants, three Japanese contestants, and three Korean contestants—a perfectly even split. If only non-Korean voters decided the ranking, Nonaka Shana would be out of the Top 9.

Nonaka Shana | Mnet

Another notable difference is Kim Chaehyun, who placed 11th in the overall ranking but is 15th among international voters.

Kim Chaehyun | Mnet

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