“The Glory” Actress Lim Ji Yeon Transforms Into A Totally Different Person With Short Hair

Past photos resurfaced, showing the talented actress with a dramatically different style. 🔥

On-screen, The Glory actress Lim Ji Yeon mesmerized and, at times, terrified viewers of the hit Netflix show as she brought to life the main antagonist, Park Yeon Jin. 

Her captivating performance in The Glory has allowed Lim Ji Yeon’s fame to rise to new heights thanks to its success globally, but the talented actress has had award-winning roles since her acting debut in 2014.

Lim Ji Yeon (left) in her role as Jong Ga Heun in “Obsessed” (2014), which earned her four “Best New Actress” awards.

Lim Ji Yeon has entertained audiences with her acting and is also recognized for her beauty.

In The Glory, Lim Ji Yeon’s character is a weatherwoman, and through much of the series, she maintains a carefully managed luxurious image.

A still from “The Glory.”
A still from “The Glory.”

She wore her hair long and neatly styled, much like she does when she’s not in character, which is shown in photos she posts for fans on her personal Instagram account.

| @limjjy2/Instagram
| @limjjy2/Instagram

Recently, photos from her earlier television and film roles resurfaced, showing the talented actress looking like a completely different person with shorter hair.

For roles in 2019, Lim Ji Yeon had dramatically shorter hair and was stunning in the new look.

As her hair grew out, she continued to give off completely different vibes. When her hair length reached her chin, the trendy haircut made her look even more youthful and chic.

Her past and present photos prove that just as she can pull off a variety of different acting roles, she can also effortlessly rock numerous styles.

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