Gong Yoo Shares His Thoughts When Working With Younger Actors And More

He also describes the deep message behind his upcoming film “Seobok.”

Gong Yoo has recently taken on a pictorial and an interview for Esquire Korea’s April issue! In the interview, he revealed some of his lesser-known passions, discussed his upcoming movie Seobok, described his experience acting with Park Bo Gum, and more.

The interviewer began by mentioning how it had been a long time since fans were able to see him. His last K-Drama was Goblin in 2016, and his last movie was Kim Ji Young: Born 1982 in 2019. So, he has been asked about the many things he is currently participating in.

We have completely flew past the time that Seobok was supposed to premiere. I can’t blame it on anyone since it’s a situation that everyone is dealing with, and it’s upsetting but the reality is that we have to accept it. The project I’m working on now is wrapping up soon and I already filmed my special appearance for Wonderland. The projects I’ve completed will now slowly be released.

—Gong Yoo

Seobok is newly scheduled to premiere on April 15. However, there were plenty of old interviews made before it was rescheduled. The interviewer brought up a past interview that went really in-depth into the film. Gong Yoo shared that the interview was so early (about 6 months before the original premiere date) because his co-star, Park Bo Gum, needed to enlist. Much of their filming and interviews had to be completed very early so they could have Bo Gum in the movie.

In the old interview, they described the film as “a project that discusses the life and death of humans.” Gong Yoo elaborated, “The wording is like that to make it simple and easy to think about.” He continued, “A human’s life is finite. Since it’s finite, I believe that you have desires and fears. Being unable to avoid that finite life is a human’s fate, but trying to escape that is also what humans do.

The actor was then asked about his experience with acting with Park Bo Gum. He shared that he often thinks of himself when he was at Bo Gum’s age when he sees him. They have an age gap of about 14 years as Gong Yoo is 41 and Bo Gum is 27. Gong Yoo shared that he had to consider what kind of thoughts Bo Gum has and his mindset as a young actor.

On the outside, he is extremely responsible, bright, and always smiling, but I believe there are certain worries he has on the inside. However, I also think that he’s unable to show that to others and is just blowing off steam by himself.

—Gong Yoo

Check out Gong Yoo’s full interview in the April issue of Esquire Korea!

Source: Esquire Korea
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