Since Ahgase Couldn’t Physically Attend Their Showcase GOT7 Came Up With The Perfect Way To Include Them

They made sure Ahgase felt included in the event:

Although Ahgase may not have been able to physically attend GOT7‘s showcase for their DYE comeback, GOT7 made sure that they felt included by coming up with a very sweet solution.

On April 20, GOT7 held their DYE Live Premiere broadcast to celebrate the release of their new mini-album. As the broadcast began, Go Young Bae, who was acting as host, explained that fans couldn’t attend the event due to social distancing guidelines.

Image: @GOT7Official/Twitter

Despite not being able to physically have Ahgase there with them, GOT7 knew that fans all over the world were cheering them on from hope. But to make it feel a little bit more like Ahgase were right there, they stuck name tags of actual fans on each and every one of the seats!

Image: @GOT7Official/Twitter

They didn’t stop at labeling the seats, however. As GOT7 introduced themselves, they each called out a fan’s name…

And even had mini one-sided conversations with them!

The gesture has had a big effect on Ahgase who are simultaneously cracking up at how seriously they took their conversations with the “present” fans and melting over the super sweet action.

With GOT7 going the extra mile to make fans feel even more included in the premiere, there’s no doubt that they truly love Ahgase!


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