BamBam’s “Aura” NG Was So Extra That GOT7, The Film Crew, And Choreographer Couldn’t Stop Cracking Up

Everyone had a hard time keeping it together after his hilarious NG!

Not too long ago, GOT7 teamed up with Dingo Music to share a heart-stopping blindfold version of “Aura” with Ahgase. While the results were absolutely stunning, fans recently learned that the road to filming the performance wasn’t exactly smooth… especially with BamBam making it almost impossible to continue filming thanks to his hilarious NG!

Dingo just gave everyone a look at all of the playful interactions, hilarious antics, intense practicing, and more that went on behind-the-scenes. This, of course, included the very special NG from BamBam!

While center BamBam showcased his powerful and intense moves during the dance break, right as it was ending, BamBam added in another powerful move…

One that stopped his members in their tracks!

As BamBam explained the situation to Jackson, who was the only one not to see BamBam’s extra move, nobody could hold in their laughter any longer and pretty soon his members, the Dingo team, and the choreographer were cracking up over the NG!

From there, things only got more out of control! With even BamBam laughing at the mistake, the choreographer stepped in to mirror BamBam’s move and sent another round of laughter throughout the studio.

Next up, Youngjae and Mark added even more laughter as they busted out the move!

And getting back to filming after BamBam revealed his new dance? Well, it was definitely easier said than done! As they got into position once more, Jackson, Jinyoung, and Mark simply couldn’t help themselves.

It also took some serious concentration from the entire group not to burst out laughing once more when the crew was ready to start filming again!

In the end, however, everyone was able to ditch the case of the giggles and finish up filming! If you haven’t gotten enough of BamBam’s amazing, powerful, and hilarious NG moment yet, then make sure you check it out below starting around the 6-minute and 14-second mark!