GOT7’s BamBam Recently Had The Most Wholesome Sunbae-Hoobae Interaction With CRAVITY 

Could it get any sweeter than this?

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

On April 30, GOT7 came in first place on M Countdown claiming their second win for “Not By The Moon”. Their winning stage and encore performance have since gained a lot of attention not only because of JB’s reaction to the win but also because of the interaction between BamBam and CRAVITY.

Shortly after GOT7 were crowned the winners on the show, fans noticed CRAVITY, who were standing directly behind GOT7, crouch down to let GOT7 have the full spotlight.

While fans were already blown away by CRAVITY’s actions, what happened next left everyone feeling all kinds of soft. Although CRAVITY just wanted to make sure GOT7 had everyone’s full attention, the moment BamBam spotted them ducking down he immediately started motioning for them to get up!

As Mark and Jackson joined in, BamBam even reached down to help pull one of the members of CRAVITY up!

Seeing the super sweet interaction between the two groups has been putting a huge smile on everyone’s face. It’s easy to see why too!

Could a sunbae-hoobae interaction get any more wholesome than this? You can experience the full moment for yourself in the video below: