How GOT7’s BamBam Plans To Win The Heart Of Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

He has to do one simple thing first.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon is the latest K-Pop idol to appear on BamHouse, the YouTube interview series hosted by GOT7‘s BamBam. At one point, the former was asked to detail her ideal type.

She talked about changing her answer throughout the years. While she used to put a premium on one’s looks, her standard for liking someone is now largely based on their conversation skills.

When I was younger, I was concerned more about looks. But now, I really don’t care about that. If I can hold a conversation with and learn from that person, then I tend to do my best for them.

— Taeyeon

BamBam listened very closely to her words, being one of the most outspoken K-Pop idols when it comes for his admiration for the female singer. Wanting to know more, he dug deeper and asked, “What’s one physical feature [in a guy] that you can’t give up?”

It turned out that Taeyeon still finds it important for a man to have a certain look in order for her to find him attractive.

Shoulders! I think I’m liking this too much. Shoulders!

— Taeyeon

Shoulders are the physical characteristic that she goes crazy for, and BamBam immediately felt the urge to workout in order to live up to her expectations.

I picked up dumbbells in my mind just now.

— BamBam

Taeyeon specified that she prefers the kind of shoulders that one builds in the gym from working out constantly.

I’d like shoulders that I’d want to lean on, that can embrace me…wouldn’t it be better to look like they worked out and took care of themselves?

— Taeyeon

BamBam, believing that he did not yet reach an ideal width, resolved himself to work out harder.

Shoulders and the back are a man’s pride! Really. Abs aren’t really necessary, honestly.

— BamBam

He whispered under his breath that he has to stick to the gym for another three years in order to get wider and firmer shoulders. His game plan, therefore, was to make himself look like the ideal type of his own ideal type.

It’ll probably take me about three years…I was just talking to myself.

— BamBam

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Source: YouTube