GOT7 BamBam’s Lightning Reflexes Were The Only Thing That Saved Him From JB’s Competitive Fury

JB was so fired up he accidentally grabbed the wrong prop!

GOT7 were recently guests on SBS‘s K-Pop Play where they let their competitive side come out and created chaos with their high energy. While they played a number of games, the most chaotic of them all was the hammer and helmet version of rock-paper-scissors!


Especially when it came to BamBam and JB‘s version! From the moment they began, the competitive spirit jumped out with both JB and BamBam determined to win and earn the right to whack the other with the toy hammer!


As the game went back and forth, things got more and more intense as BamBam had to use his quick reflexes to dodge any attacks from JB!


At one point, they amped up the chaos when they fought over who should get the pot!


From there, things only continued heating up! With JB winning the next round, he got ready to unleash his all on BamBam. The only problem, he had accidentally grabbed the pot instead of the squeaky hammer! But BamBam’s reflexes were so fast, JB hadn’t even taken one step before BamBam had scooted away and by then everyone, including JB, had realized the mixup!


As they realized what had happened, GOT7 couldn’t help cracking up over the whole situation! With one more round, the game was over and the next team took up the challenge! You can watch the intense rock-paper-scissors game starting at the 3-minute and 12-second mark below: