GOT7 Now Have An Entire Galaxy Named After Them Thanks To Ahgase

Ahgase wanted to do something special for GOT7’s 6th anniversary:

Debuting on January 16, 2014, GOT7 have spent the past 6 years creating all sorts of amazing memories with Ahgase. To celebrate, Ahgase decided to mark this year with a very special gift — an entire galaxy!

Image: @got7.with.igot7/Instagram


Earlier this month, fans began revealing some of the big plans GOT7’s debut anniversary, including plans to purchase the naming rights to an actual galaxy!

Image: @ot7agha/Twitter


Now those plans have become a reality!


As of January 16, the galaxy known by astronomers as NCG 278 earned the name Galaxy GOT7. Galaxy GOT7 is located in the constellation Cassiopeia and although the galaxy is invisible to the naked eye, with a little help, fans will be able to easily find it as it’s located near the North Pole and is said to be visible every month of the year!

Image: Windowpane Observatory


To celebrate the special project, Ahgase began spreading the word through a special hashtag #GalaxyForGOT7 to let fans all over the world know that now Galaxy GOT7 is finally here!


Meanwhile, GOT7 celebrated their 6th anniversary by sharing handwritten notes, taking us all down memory lane, and with a few memes of course!


Find out more about Galaxy GOT7 below: