GOT7 Were So Extra Playing At MAMA Their Table Was Ultimately Confiscated

Their table was confiscated in an attempt to stop their mischief:

GOT7 have a real knack for making mischief anywhere, anytime, and with anything. Sometimes that knack for creating all sorts of trouble leads to some pretty hilarious consequences like, say, getting their table confiscated in the middle of MAMA!


On December 4, GOT7 attended the 2019 Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) in Japan and in between delivering stunning performances and taking home the “Worldwide Fans’ Choice” award and the “Favorite Dance Performance” award, GOT7 decided to pass the time with a bottle flipping competition on their table!


While they were having a blast with their games, halfway through the show Ahgase suddenly realized that their table had suddenly disappeared! But it didn’t just disappear, it was confiscated! Fans at the show reported that GOT7 were playing around so much that the table was taken away from them!


Despite getting their table confiscated, however, there was no stopping GOT7 once their game had begun and instead of using the table, GOT7 started flipping the bottles on the floor!


As Ahgase took in the reason behind the sudden disappearance of the table, they couldn’t help cracking up hard and teasing GOT7 for their extraness!


Fans were even ready to send them home with an award for being the first K-Pop group to ever have their table taken away at MAMA!


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