GOT7’s Jackson Had James Corden Freaking Out Hard When He Went All-In On The Fish Head Pie

James Corden thought he’d surprise Jackson, but he got the bigger surprise:

GOT7‘s Jackson and James Corden recently teamed up for an epic episode of This Is How We Do It, where they swapped languages, sports, and food. And while James thought he’d get the upper hand and freak Jackson out with his food swap offering, he ended up getting a big surprise from Jackson instead!


With each of them bringing a unique food to the table, Jackson decided to introduce James to hot pot. As Jackson added vegetables and meat into the simmering broth James was already looking forward to the tasty offering.


And although James didn’t seem to be too thrilled with the cow’s stomach addition to the meal, he liked it so much that he even offered an invitation for Jackson to come on the show every day!

Jackson, you can come to the Late Late Show every single day if this is what we’re doing while we’re here.

— James Corden


While Jackson’s food swap immediately got the thumbs up of approval from James, James had a different plan entirely for his swap! Coming up with one of the most unique pies around, James introduced Jackson to stargazy pie.


Stargazy pie is a Cornish dish made with sardines, eggs, and potatoes. Although there are a few variations, the unique feature of this pie is the fish heads peeking out from the pie’s crust! Unless you were familiar with the dish, seeing a bunch of fish heads popping out of a pie would likely be a bit of a surprise, but Jackson wasn’t bothered at all. Instead, he dug right in!


After declaring the pie “not bad,” Jackson went all in and added one of the fish heads to his hot pot and after letting it simmer for a bit, he pulled it out, got ready to bite into it, and had James freaking out big time!

Wait! No! Don’t! Don’t do it!

— James Corden


James might have thought he’d freak Jackson out with his fish pie but, in the end, he was the one shocked by Jackson’s fish head taste test! You can check out their epic food swap as well as more hilarious moments in the video below: