Fans Can’t Get Over The Hilariously Different Ways GOT7’s BamBam And Jackson Wang Reply To Pickup Lines

It says a lot about their personalities.

GOT7‘s BamBam and Jackson Wang have hilariously different ways of reacting to pickup lines, and each says a lot about them.

GOT7’s BamBam and Jackson Wang

BamBam has proven many times that he is GOT7’s resident flirting master.

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In fact, he’s so well known for it that even one of his close besties, SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu, hilariously clowned BamBam’s viral pickup line in a fancall.

His other members, on the other hand, are not always as enthusiastically flirty as BamBam. Where BamBam often likes to play along with them, Jackson, Jay B, and Youngjae have all given hilariously savage responses to marriage proposals.

But Jackson’s true take on flirty comments and marriage proposals is more often than not extremely…wholesome.

In a recent interview, the hosts read Jackson some funny ‘thirst comments,’ asking him what he really felt when he received comments like that.

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Jackson’s answer couldn’t have been more unexpected, as he immediately stated, “This is why I love my fans.”

But rather than addressing thirst comments directly, he explained that what he loves about receiving them is that they prove how Ahgases always support him unconditionally.

I love them. My motivation. …They’re like, your fans too, everyone’s fan, the fan of this podcast too… Day one, you get me, like… When I look at my music in the past, it might still be s**t now, but … in the past, it wasn’t anything. But since day one, they’re supporting you even if the music is whack. You get me? They support you even though you’re lacking.

— Jackson Wang

And compared to BamBam’s enthusiastic flirting…Jackson’s wholesome (and honest) reactions to flirty comments on social media are hilarious!

These two may both be similarly outgoing and social people, but they definitely have completely different approaches to handling fan comments that border on flirty.

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