GOT7’s Jackson Wang Gets Real About Receiving Thirst Comments From Fans

His response was surprisingly wholesome!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang is, without a doubt, one of the hottest K-Pop idols!

GOT7’s Jackson Wang performing at 2022 Coachella.

He’s very serious about fitness, so he is not afraid to show off the results of his hard labor.

It’s not surprising to see him sans shirt. Even recently, he stripped during his historic 2022 Coachella performance.

Jackson Wang performing at 2022 Coachella. | @prdsdef.s/TikTok

So, it’s no surprise that Jackson receives his fair share of thirsty comments on social media. Yet, one can’t help but wonder how he feels about receiving them. Is he flattered or a bit creeped out?

Well, now we know!

Jackson Wang guested on Episode 190 of Dumbfoundead‘s podcast Fun With Dumb. He touched on topics from healing through low points in life to navigating hate comments… and even thirst comments!

Jackson Wang graces the pod with his presence after asking Dumb for two years. Jackson was in town prepping a music video for his upcoming Magic Man project. Dumbfoundead, Steffie, and Lyricks talk with Jackson about his creative process, sports & fitness, fandom, and more!

— Fun With Dumb/YouTube

Dumbfoundead, Lyricks, Jackson Wang, and Steffie.

During the episode, Lyricks asked Jackson if he still reads his comments on social media, considering he has so many followers. If you follow Jackson on either Twitter or Instagram, you already know that he actually engages with his followers frequently.

| Fun With Dumb/YouTube

Lyricks: At that rate, like comments, you still read it, and you still let it affect?

Jackson Wang: Because among the followers, it’s not like everybody … likes me…

The topic shifted from one extreme to the next as they went from hate comments to thirst comments. Dumbfoundead revealed that he had gone through Jackson’s Instagram and saw some NSFW comments on his photos.

Actually, so, you know, I went on his Instagram, and I scrolled down some of the pictures, and I gathered some of the comments that was left on your Instagram. So, I want to read a few. One is ‘Punch me in the throat.’ Uh, that was just a selfie of you. That was a comment left under yourself.

— Dumbfoundead

| Fun With Dumb/YouTube

While the hosts were shocked by the thirst comment, Jackson appeared unphased. So, before Dumbfoundead could continue listing off examples, Jackson actually interrupted to praise his fans.

You know what… This is why I love my fans.

— Jackson Wang

| Fun With Dumb/YouTube

Jackson only had nice things to say about Ahgases (also known as iGOT7, fans of GOT7) and Jackys (his fans). He truly respects and appreciates them because he recognizes that they accept him for who he is at all stages of his life and career. So, he returns the same love.

I love them. My motivation. …They’re like, your fans too, everyone’s fan, the fan of this podcast too… Day one, you get me, like… When I look at my music in the past, it might still be s**t now, but … in the past, it wasn’t anything. But since day one, they’re supporting you even if the music is whack. You get me? They support you even though you’re lacking.

— Jackson Wang

| Fun With Dumb/YouTube

Jackson and his fans truly have mutual respect. It’s more than just an idol and fan relationship here.

Likewise, fellow GOT7 member BamBam shared similar sentiments when asked how he could move around freely as an idol. He explained that there is mutual respect.

I don’t feel bad … [with] them around even on my private time and stuff like that. I appreciate everyone, you know. …And they always like have some respect for like my private life or my private time all the time.

— BamBam

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