GOT7’s Jackson Wang’s Reaction To Getting Mobbed Outside Of A Party Shows His True Personality

Jackson is in high demand everywhere he goes.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang is currently enjoying some “downtime” between his Magic Man world tour dates. So far, the artist has performed in numerous places on tour, including Thailand, Malaysia, and Europe!

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | MAPS Magazine

While in China, the star has been announced as the face of a few brands, including C2 Water and OnePlus APAC.

| OnePlus

Jackson also recently attended Mac Cosmetics‘s MACOLOR RUNWAY show as an ambassador, where it seemed like all eyes were on him!

Fans also loved clips of Jackson at the afterparty, where the star had a great time. Jackson has always loved a good party, even with fans, so this was no surprise!

Jackson’s behavior after the party is what fans say has showcased his true personality yet again!

As previously stated, Jackson is in high demand everywhere he goes. Unfortunately, this sometimes results in fans taking risks to get as close to the artist as possible.

Jackson has gone through mobbing situations in Malaysia…

…and had to address fans in Thailand who stayed outside during the rain to see him.

As Jackson left the after-party this time, fans swarmed him, making it difficult for him and his multiple bodyguards to make it to his car.

As fans reached out to Jackson, he happily began high-fiving and grabbing fans’ hands with a huge smile.

His bodyguards seemed to have a more challenging time getting him to his car than anything because of it!

Once in the car, fans began waving as though Jackson was still giving fan service even though the doors were closed.

Fans couldn’t help but laugh at Jackson’s dedication to the fans, which shows his true personality!